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not on-site

Not on-site? No problem

Not physically there. Yet all your work gets done. At a much lesser cost.

Every company has a different perspective on what they consider as viable to have completed offshore work. At Integra, we are flexible to your needs and will tailor an individual solution that meets your specific requirements. As these requirements develop and change over time, so too will the solution we provide you.

We can deliver nearly every aspect of your property management service, replicating the smallest details to deliver exactly as if done by your own staff and team.

Some components of property management require 'live' physical presence i.e. viewings, key handover and inspections. These are not entirely suitable for offshore completion by our international team.

However, even in these cases where a 'live' person is required we often complete key components of the task for you. Your work gets done live or in advance, reducing your workload, driving cost efficiency and delivering a higher quality outcome.

Examples: Our staff can follow up with your vendors to arrange for repairs. Follow up with them after the repairs are completed. Get the invoices and check for accuracy. Add the invoice to the accounting system and send it to you for approval and payment.

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Dozens of property management firms now outsource their back office...who never thought they could

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