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Best price guarantee

You get guaranteed savings on each property management staff you get from us. More the staff, the more you save.

Tax free

No more employments taxes, payroll taxes, employment insurance, health insurance and all the other local taxes. You save a lot.

Never pay these fees, taxes or charges again

  • No social security tax
  • No unemployment tax
  • No medicare and medicaid tax
  • No health and liability insurance fees
  • No payroll tax
  • No commissions & no training
  • No bonus & incentives
  • No overhead charges

Get your 30 day trial

  • 30 day trial
  • Absolutely no commitment or obligation
  • Are you interested but unsure how this works?
  • We completely understand
  • Try us free for a month & see how it works
  • No commitment on your part. What do you have to lose?

Add or reduce

  • Sometimes you need more resources and sometimes less
  • Does your current workforce deliver such flexibility?
  • With Integra you can add or reduce for free
  • Scale up or down as your workload changes
  • We are 100% flexible to your needs

Keep it simple

  • Simple or complex?
  • Unsure on what you want us to do?
  • Start with the smallest process and see how it works
  • Send the problem tasks or the tasks which does not make you money
  • Send the work that is time consuming and low value add
  • You choose what to send. You get 100% control
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Get a quote now

Dozens of property management firms now outsource their back office...who never thought they could

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