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Success story 1

Leading Property Management Company, Ohio, USA

What were the challenges?

Reduce expenses by 35% while still maintaining the accuracy of the tasks completed.

How did we tackle the challenge

Our client decided to try our virtual staff. We started with one virtual staff who learnt how the process works at our client's office. The training was done through our web conferencing facilities where we recorded the computer screens along with the voice. Training lasted for 5 days. Immediately we started on the trial tasks. Client was extremely satisfied with our quality and timeliness and continued to add more tasks and people to do the work.

What property management tasks do we handle?

New tenant application

We enter new tenant applicant details into our client's software. Verify the credit & criminal records of the applicants and approve or reject the application.

Work order processing

Enter work order details of the maintenance staff and the items they purchase for making repairs

Vendor invoice processing

Enter vendor invoices. Verify the invoice for any errors. Enter them in the software and prepare for payment

Utilities bill processing

Enter the electricity and gas bills of the properties. Update payments received

Payroll processing

Weekly payroll for all the staff working at the company


Manage rental deposit information, reconcile accounts, create management reports and owner reports


By using our virtual staff our property management client saved 42% of their employee expenses. When the business grew they added more staff to their virtual team.

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