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Success story 2

Nationwide Property Management Firm, NE Atlanta

What was the challenge?

Take on multiple responsibilities of a staff who quit on a short notice

How did we tackle the challenge

We immediately allocated an experienced staff who had similar property management skills to start with the work. Since our staff had prior experience the training was very short. Even though it required multiple skill sets. Initially we started off with a part time role slowly growing on to a full time. We currently have a team working for this client.

What property management tasks do we handle?

New property information

Update new property and landlord details in to the system. We use the property management software Propertyware to do this work


Advertise new and available properties in different property listing websites and refresh them twice a week


Enter rental checks, supplier invoices. Verify with property managers about the invoices. Do payroll.


Currently client does not need to worry about people leaving on a short notice. We have a team of virtual staff for them and have backup staff whenever they need it.

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